Thursday, June 3, 2010


Celebrating my 49th birthday wasn't easy, and it wasn't the turning 49 part that was hard. It was getting everyone together at the same time. My husband took the day off, but of course everyone couldn't do that. I was picked up from work at 2:15 ish by my husband Ross , daughter Sarah, grand baby and a long time friend of my daughters Michael. Samantha came around 7:00. Than we waited and waited and waited for 2 of my boys to get home from church. We (ok, I) decided to go a head and open gifts. I knew that Stephen hadn't picked up a gift for me yet and he had sprung for dinner so I figured what the harm. Stephen doesn't know how to say no to anyone but mom. He was still dropping off kids after 9:00. When they finally came home we had cake. A huge wonderful Chocolate of all chocolate cakes.

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  1. Oh, and your coworkers got you a wonderful cake :)